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Afkar society is contributing to remove damages which hinder the movement of displaced people in camps

Khalidiah central camp

The falling down of  heavy rain on Anbar province hindered the movement in camps which spread in several districts of province . Displaced people camps built up in Anbar province on a soil ground and not paved which caused these camps to be submerged in mud when it is raining, this prevented their population to move a yard out their ...

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Taking our attention to get a clear environment from pollution for camps population

We work in Afkar society to prevent the spreading of infections , plagues and diseases in displaced people camps within Anbar province , which may be created by collecting of trashed and stagnant water pools . The families in Wafa camps ( 60 Km west Ramdi ) are complaining from collected trashes for a long time which may cause air ...

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Great efforts exerted to contain the crisis of displacement in Anbar province


Due to the intensive conflicts thousands of families displaced from Heet city and it’s  neighborhood to direction of stability east of Ramadi. Afkar society contributed to build the central khalidiah camp after increasing the number of displaced people to Khalidiah county, because that we built the second Khalidiah camp (by the cooperation with the ministry of displacement and immigration) to ...

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